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Posted By admin on 07/28/11 - Bookmark Meet Madden


This photo gallery from Meet Madden reminds me of a view I once had of a buddy of mine’s older sister. She was in college and we were in high school. Compared to the girls in our class she looked like a fucking model. We all wanted to bang her!

On this particular day I was at his house for maybe my second or third time and I don’t think she knew I was in there. He got a call from his baseball coach and had to leave for a bit to pick up some forms for his mom to fill out so I headed on up to his room to chill out. As I walked by her room I glanced in it out of the corner of my eye and there she was.

Her panties has ridden up her ass a bit on either side and were made out of pink satin. She was laying on her stomach facing away from her door. Again, she must have thought I was her brother because my own sister would have closed the door or put something on if she thought one of my friends was over.

Anyway… Of course I came back for a double take. It was a site to behold. She was bouncing her legs around and minding her own business reading Seventeen or whatever it was she was reading. Her panties kept making creases that crisscrossed the contours of her pussy lips. As her legs kept flipping my mind was mapping out her pussy in 3D!

By now I could feel my bulge raging and I subconsciously started rubbing the tip of my cock. Just then she started to lift up a bit like she was going to look behind her and I quickly hid in the hallway. I heard her bed sheets ruffle when she turned and waiting for them to ruffle again. Once they did I figured she had turned back.

After waiting about 10 seconds I slowly peaked through the doorjamb to see her looking at her magazine again. She must have landed on a page with some hunk on it because she was fingering herself through her panties!

That was all I needed and I let my cock out of my shorts. It immediately oozed precum and I noticed she had some on her panty crotch too!

My Meet Madden look-alike got tired of rubbing herself through her panties and she pulled them over to rub her clit skin-on-skin. Her pussy was super wet. It even had a small bubble outside of her vulva!

This coed hottie shaved the bottom of her pussy and kept a landing strip on top. All model quality girls had this pussy-cut back then. Heck, she deserved it. She was so fucking hot and not just because I was watching her masturbate. She was model quality!

As she rubbed her clit her pelvis began to grind up and down. She replaced her one finger with three of them. Occasionally she dipped her middle finger into her super wet pussy and then brought it back to her clit.

This girl was trying to muffle her moans and she would slow down a bit to try and compose herself if she started breathing to heavy. Then she bent up again to take one last look at the door. I narrowly pulled back in time and heard her bed sheets ruffle again. Now she was breathing super heavy.

I looked back and she had put the magazine down. She was lying flat on her stomach now with her head turned sideways. Suddenly her entire body started to shake and she let out some ewe’s and ooh’s. When she was done cumming her body went limp. I could see sweat beads glistening off of her entire body.

Next, I crept down the hallway towards my buddies room and saw a full clothes hamper in the bathroom on the way. Quickly I ruffled through it and found some of her light blue satin panties. I then went into my buddies room and slowly closed the door.

It didn’t take me long to fill her panties with my load. I imagined the soft material of her panties were her wet pussy.

One of the beautiful things about the Internet and solo models these days is that they do live web cam shows. Meet Madden can act out your favorite fantasy for you! That is true porn 2.0!

Members have unlimited access to download all of her videos and pics. You can even watch her videos even if you cancel. As a member you get access to her friends web cams too. Either way, you cum out on top!

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